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  Thank you for visiting Parksites, we have a great program. Please click through to discover more. Merci de visiter Parksites, nous avons un excellent programme. Cliquer pour en découvrir plus  

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach the children to respect each other, develop a love for learning, become aware of the world around them, develop creativity, and to celebrate the individuality of each child that walks through our doors. [mls_gallery id=”537″ […]

School Spirit

[mls_h2]Why Choose Parksites?[/mls_h2] We strive to make this first school experience a positive one for both parents and children.  We provide a safe and loving environment for the children to come to each day.  We believe that the best way for […]

Rhythm Of The Day

[mls_h2]Free Play[/mls_h2] [mls_gallery id=”568″ cols=”2″ g_title=”off” g_subtitle=”off” title=”on” subtitle=”on” desc=”on”]A typical day at Parksites starts with free play. A very important part of their day!  The children have many different toys and activities to choose from. [mls_h2]Craft and Circle Time[/mls_h2] [mls_gallery […]

Program Details

How it Works Parksites is open from Monday to Thursday mornings from 9 AM to 11:50 AM.  If there is space, you can choose to send your child for 4 mornings, 3 mornings or 2 mornings.  This gives families flexibility to […]

Parent Participation

Parksites is a participating preschool. Parents have the opportunity to be a helper in the classroom about once a month.  This gives the parents an opportunity to see their child in action at preschool.  It also shows your child that you […]