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Our Educators

Established in 1957, Parksites has been celebrating the lives of preschoolers ever since.  Parksites is a non-profit, participating preschool.  We rent a large bright space in St. Columba by the Lake Church in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

Ann Desormeaux*

Ann has been a preschool educator for over 25 years. Ann has worked in a number of preschools and has been at Parksites since 1996.  Ann’s gentle and calm disposition helps to make the children feel safe and trusting.  This is a positive way for your child to start their school experience.

Carol Brassard

Carol runs the French program. Carol has been the French educator at Parksites since 2002.  Carol has been working with children for many years and has been a Girl Guide leader for many years as well.  Carol’s enthusiasm and caring personality not only makes learning French fun, but also makes the children feel at ease to learn a new language.

  • EDIT: Happy retirement, Ann! Welcome, Valérie!

(website update to come)

Carol’s and Valérie’s classroom is a warm, dynamic environment for learning, growing and FUN!!!