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How it Works

Parksites is open from Monday to Thursday mornings from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM.  If there is space, you can choose to send your child for 4 mornings, 3 mornings or 2 mornings.  This gives families flexibility to work around their schedules.


Availability depends on registration numbers.

4 mornings:  $225 per month

3 mornings: $200 per month

2 mornings:  $175 per month

There is a $50 registration fee (non-refundable)


In an effort to keep our tuition fees at a reasonable rate, we do some fundraisers throughout the year.  One of the favorites is a garage sale in the fall or spring.  Not only do parents get to clean out their basements and attics, but it’s also an event that brings everyone together and the parents get to know each other. All of the parents are encouraged to help out with fundraisers.