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Free Play

A typical day at Parksites starts with free play. A very important part of their day!  The children have many different toys and activities to choose from.

Craft and Circle Time

After free play we divide the group into two smaller groups.  One group goes to circle time with one educator and the other group goes to craft time with the other educator.  The groups then switch approximately 20 minutes later.  The craft and circle activities are centered on the theme of the week.

Snack and Gym

After all these busy activities, their little tummies are rumbling!  We line them up to wash up for snack time.  Each child brings their own healthy snack from home.

Once we’re all cleaned up from snack we’re off to gym!  We are very fortunate to have a large space, so we play gym games every day after our snack.

Show & Tell

When it is your child’s duty day, it is their turn for Show and Tell.  Your child can bring something from home to show us and tell us about.  It can be a toy, a photo, a book,  something they made, etc. This is a great opportunity for the children to speak in front of a group.

Story time

We’ve had a very busy morning and we’ll end our day with a good story book.    One day the story is in English, the next day it’s in French.